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Curious about what our pizza ovens can do, or have one and just want some ideas to experiment with recipes? We've got you covered!

We’re well into summer these days and loving spending our free time on our favorite summer hobbies! For us, these include spending gorgeous, warm evenings with family and friends, cooking and eating our favorite dishes and pairing them with fantastic beverages, and maintaining our beautiful outdoor spaces and enjoying them to the fullest. Part of this maintenance process comes with: gardening! There’s nothing quite so satisfying as coming away from a hot, sun-soaked day with arms filled with vegetables and herbs that we can use in that very night’s dinner. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, basil, and more!



There are many dishes that can utilize these ingredients, of course, but one that is always a huge crowd pleaser: PIZZA! There’s a reason that a pizza party is the universal reward for a job well done, and that’s because absolutely everyone loves a pizza. If your family and friends are anything like ours, you are sure to be having many outdoor diner parties featuring pizzas and flatbreads, and utilizing our selection of pizza ovens is just the way to accomplish this feat. Healthy, flavorful, satisfying, and one of the most delicious foods ever invented (which is really saying something, because pizza can be traced thousands of years throughout history), what could be a more classic addition to your backyard kitchen than a pizza oven?


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If you’re a pizza newbie, or just a pizza lover who wants to get started on making your own but has a lot of questions, never fear! We’d love to lend a hand (or at least a few ideas!). The great thing about pizza is that it can be as simple, or as complex, as you’d like it to be. This means that it’s a great meal for guests of absolutely any age, and you can make pies of any size to accommodate all different types of events. From personal pizzas to larger, popular pizzas, our pizza ovens can do it all.


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We love this article from The Clever Meal featuring a series of pizza recipes to really showcase what your garden can do, but don’t be afraid to get creative and mix things up! I personally love to get creative with pizza by adding things like fruit, goat cheese or burrata, and red pepper flakes! Another way to make your pizza fun is to create an all-pizza theme night, complete with pizza or flatbread appetizers, pizza main course, and dessert pizzas to complete the evening.


If you’re looking to branch out, pizza ovens can be used for much more than just the perfect pie! Try making delectable roasted vegetables or vegetable dishes like ratatouille, for roasted, grilled, or baked fish, seared or slow-cooked meats, or creatively cooked potato dishes. Why not see what one of our pizza ovens can do as an addition to your beautiful outdoor kitchen space?


Curious to see more? Click here to see our variety of pizza ovens and oven accessories to complete your at-home backyard oasis! If you have your own favorite pizza oven recipes, please leave them below in the comments, we’d love to know what you think.

By Jeremy Mutschler


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