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A comprehensive list of everything you may need for this Labor Day weekend's cookout, barbecue, or outdoor dinner party to keep your family and friends happy and having their best time.

Labor Day is fast approaching, and with it comes the promise of many a cookout, backyard barbecue, and outdoor dinner party! This means that everyone is hard at work completing and perfecting their backyard space for the end-of-summer bash, because even though it means saying sayonara to the sweet, sunny days of summer, it’s also the biggest grilling day of the year. We’d like to give you our best tips on how to stock up (and perfect your space!) for the big weekend!


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Stock your outdoor fridge with plenty of refreshments for everyone. Hydration is important, and we know it’s been a very hot summer! Make sure you keep plenty of water on hand, as well as sodas and juice for the kids. For convenience, rather than stocking your outdoor fridge with beers for your outdoor dinner party, you could even look into our collection of kegerators, and if you don’t already have one, our wine coolers are super handy for keeping your bottles and cans of wine cool in the hot summer months.



When cooking and dining outdoors, you’ll always want to keep your grill clean, as well as weather-protected! Visit our blog post about maintaining your outdoor kitchen for more info about this. You’ll also want to be sure that your outdoor fridge is stocked with plenty of food for your party guests, and the areas surrounding are properly cleaned and free of any pests and insects. Keeping your outdoor kitchen area clean is even easier with an outdoor sink, a variety of which can be found on our site. You can visit the same blog post for more info on preventing insects from bothering your party guests!


One of the things we all love most about summer are the long, beautiful, and warm days. As the evening goes on, it may start to grow darker and cooler. Adding a fire pit for warmth could bring some life and cheer to this and any occasion! Another great addition are our solar-powered paver lights, to help you and your guests find your way around anywhere you’d like to add them.


You’ll want to make sure your menu is up to standards, and that there’s something for everyone. If any guests have dietary restrictions make sure to think ahead and cook separately, see our recipes for 2023 blog post for ideas if necessary! Give yourself plenty of fridge space, and if you need more check out our collection of outdoor refrigerators, compact and full size.


You may also want to take a look through our many cooking and grilling accessories to improve the efficiency, comfort, style, and result of your outdoor dining and serving process! With time left to tweak your Labor Day gameplan, don’t leave anything up to chance. Give yourself, your family, and your guests the best farewell to summer party they’ve ever seen with the help of the tools and gadgets at your fingertips, and let us help provide you with anything else you may need!

By Jeremy Mutschler


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